Living Among Living Things


In collaboration with Will Carey, and Lim Lab, UCSF
Funded by Synthetic Aesthetics, A project run by the University of Edinburgh and Stanford brings toge
ther synthetic biologists and designers to explore new future concepts.
Exhibited at SB 5
Finalist, Fast Company Design Awards 2012
Core77 Design Award, Speculative Category
Exhibited at Material Matters by Droog, 2012
"Classy and deft 'design fiction' that would impress people in the boardroom." - Bruce Sterling

The emerging field of synthetic biology enables the creation of living designs through science. Two concept designs explore and provoke dialogue about the future:

1. Packaging that creates its own contents: 

An extreme probiotic drink that relies on bacteria to morph into a physical, cup when exposed to a specific light wavelength. During shipping and storage, these light-molded cups remain alive but dormant until water is poured inside, creating an effervescent, healthy drink. After several uses, the cup’s walls begin to degrade and it can be composted.

2. Personal microbial culture: 

A personalized skin care product secreted by a living microbial culture housed in a vessel. This engineered organism lives off the cotton balls that are used to apply it to the skin and produces fragrance, soap, oil molecules, and vitamins, in a combination most appropriate for the individual’s unique skin.