Headlands Carrier Stool

Commissioned by the Headlands Center for the Arts for their 30th anniversary.www.headlands.org

A family of three stools that can carry supplies and inspiration with you during your time at the Headlands. The stools are crafted in our shop out of of Alder, a lightweight hardwood native to the Bay Area. Each has a bucket handle to aid in carrying, and rubber-dipped feet to accept a variety of terrains. The colors and materials pull from the military history of the Headlands.

We were inspired by the utilitarian aspects of the military history, the landscape that invites hikes down to the shoreline, and the environment’s potential for creative discoveries. By packing the Carrier stool with tools, supplies, snacks or inspiration you leave prepared to explore at ease.

The stools:

Sit: The basic stool is simply a portable seat.
Stash: This stool features a small compartment for carrying tools and treasures.
Strap: Two straps under the seat can carry small objects or a blanket.